Painting Technique

All paintings are acrylic on canvas. The surfaces are highly worked and have a weathered appearance. The process involves an electric sander, gel medium, Ajax, water, rubbing and applying and removing many layers of paint. At the end a coat of gloss, acrylic polyurethane is applied.

End result is a very flat surface that resembles and feels somewhat like a glossy encaustic with considerable apparent depth.


Paintings from 2007 – 2012

I would also mention that these photos do not do the pieces justice. They shimmer and have a depth and color that does not translate to these pages.

If you are within my locale and would like to see them, please contact me and I can arrange to meet with you.┬áThese paintings are all 12″ x 12″.

Read a review of 6/07 solo show at Nahcotta gallery in Portsmouth, NH


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